We’re creating a safe, affirming community for queer people of all genders.


Our Community

We’re a team of black queer technologists working to create Thurst, a dating app for every queer person of any gender, any expression, and any background. Fostering a safe and respectful community is one of our goals, in a world where queer and trans bodies face discrimination, objectification, and other forms of violence. Thurst will be regularly updated to ensure each person feels safe and seen.


The App

We help queer cis, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks connect in person. We prioritize safety and community accountability above normative dating culture. We aim to acknowledge all aspects of your identity, not just the ones that fit into standard boxes.

“We must love each other and support each other.” – Assata Shakur

We love you.


Our Vision

We like to imagine what it would mean for every person of any sexuality and gender to not only feel free, but to be free. Through creating and continuing to develop Thurst, we hope to reshape and change the way we all view gender, sexuality, and how we share and express love. Through loving more freely, we are decolonizing ourselves and our communities. Love can take many forms and we hope to make the space for each person to experience love in the ways they need and desire. Love as revolutionary praxis, love as affirmation.


Morgen Bromell

Founder + Front End Developer


Shaka Lee

Full-stack Android Developer


Blake Rogers

Full-stack iOS Developer

We really love what we’re building!

Our primary goal is to build and foster an online space that allows all members of the queer and LGBTQIA communities to connect and date. Thurst is working towards becoming a safer app for people of all genders. We are constantly evaluating the security of our platform to make sure each user, regardless of identity, feels comfortable.  Reach out to admin@thurst.co with any questions.
Your support helps us improve app functionality and security. Thanks!